Every Action Counts

I found this video to be very powerful, we forget how everyone, every step makes a difference. Acting builds even greater agency to do more, to make a difference. There is an article by Bandura, entitled, Human Agency in Social Cognitive Theory, that talks about self-efficacy, the ability to get on going even with setbacks and failures. For example, Gertrude Stein continued to submit poems for 20 years before one was finally accepted. “Early rejection is the rule, rather than the exception, in other creative endeavors.” Van Gogh sold only one painting during his lifetime. Hollywood initially rejected Fred Astaire for being a balding, skinny actor who can dance a little. Decca Records turned down a recording contract with the Beatles, “We don’t like their sound. Groups of guitars are on their way out.”

The time between between discovery and technical realization typically spans several decades. Maybe we have been more successful at communicating sustainable development than we believe, now we need to get the urgency out there without forgetting people’s needs for self-esteem, showing the successful innovations and building more agency.

One response to “Every Action Counts

  1. You’re post, Ann, is highly relevant to our times. It is so easy to focus on what is going bad and be transfixed on analyzing it. What would it take to shift our habits to what the desirable goal is, our dreams of the possible? I think of it as a daily practice. I also made as similar point to our graduates in Leadership yesterday, urging them not to under-estimate the extent they can influence change. These are habits of mind we can change!

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