Some Answers about How to Communicate More Effectively

This list of readings gives some great ideas about our failure to communicate and things we should think about when trying to get people to move to action, including ourselves.

Jay Griffiths. 2009. “The Transition Initiative: Changing the Scale of Change.” July/August 2009. Orion Magazine. (Last accessed November 1, 2011).

Franke James. 2009. Bothered By My Green Conscience. British Columbia, Canada: New Society Publishers.*See: newer visual essays and more about her workshops at

Frances Moore Lappé. 2011. EcoMinds: Changing the Way We Think, to Create the World We Want. Philadelphia, PA: Nation Books.

Renee Lertzman. 2008. The Myth of Apathy. The Ecologist. (Last accessed October 26, 2011).

Renee Lertzman. 2011. The Myth of Apathy. Sustainable Life Media. (Last accessed October 26, 2011)

A Dialogue Between Renee Lertzman and Kari Norgaard. 2011. Ecopyschology 3 (Last accessed October 26, 2011).

Kari Norgaard. 2011. Living in Denial: Climate Change, Emotions and Everyday Life. Cambridge, MA: M IT Press.

Amy Seidl. 2011. Finding Higher Ground: Adaptation in the Age of Warming. Boston: MA: Beacon Press.

Sandra Steingraber. 2011. Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children In an Age of Environmental Crisis. Philadelphia, PA: De Capo Press.

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