Third Places

Catch this video that talks about redesigning third places, retrofitting the suburbs. Interesting facts, in American suburbs, households spend over 32% of their budget on transportation, their housing is less, ends with three challenges for the future. Excellent research and hope.

2 responses to “Third Places

  1. I really hope that retrofitting includes strategic integration of accessibility and inclusion (more than just meeting ADA standards). These developments need to adopt a “seamless network” approach and I fear municipalities and developers still have a compliance and cost approach as opposed to innovation and investment.

    • Mike, I totally agree about accessibility and inclusion, both of which lead to greater connections between people, contributing to enhanced social capital. We are currently working on a community vitality index, and thinking about the concept of ‘dead space’, or more positively, vital space. Such space would be multifunctional, and accessibile, to diverse amenities and experiences. There is a real problem with trying to get developers to take more risk and move from off-the-shelf to those investments that lead to sustainability, we are capable of carbon-neutral buildings never mind restorative buildings, such as the CIRES building conceived of by my close colleague, John Robinson, at UBC. John and I argued in 1995, we know enough science, we have enough information to act now, it is the ‘rules of the game’ by governments that need to change dramatically to spur the innovation and investment you talk about, as well as leadership from the private sector.

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