Fear and Trust

Spring is really here back East, we have not had snow since February 1st, 2010, it is the first time it hasn’t snowed in Ottawa during the month of March. I find the continuing debate and the use of front groups to deny the science of climate change so ironic, just use your common sense and ask how much of what we are experiencing, you have seen in your lifetime? What time horizon should we use to validate our sense of what is right or ‘normal in our world? Isn’t it just common sense to reduce natural resource consumption of a finite resource, regardless of why? Why not simply reduce our impacts on the world, and do no harm, or as little harm as possible? Remember the old tale, if I step on a crack I’ll break my mother’s back?

This is a picture of a wonderful young girl who came to our lake last summer, Noeme, who was afraid of dogs, not knowing them. Our dog, Odessa Yazar, is the most balanced creature I know and he quickly won her over with his calmness, his gentleness in spite of his huge size. And speaking of balance, I recently read Sue Monk Kidd’s novel with her daughter, and there is an interesting line in that book, if i concentrate on ‘being’ equally as on working, then my hypertension goes away. Perhaps there is a connection here with over-consumption, if I concentrate on . . .

4 responses to “Fear and Trust

  1. I see the start of an argument for a 20 hour work week.

  2. Or a non-linear approach to work and life? Perhaps we shouldn’t retire when we are older, and actually need to work our minds and have access to younger people to push our boundaries a little. Why on earth do we go to school for 25 years and then work for 30 years and then retire? What about sabbaticals when you are young to look after children or simply to take a year off to play tennis or ski or chase the sun on the most beautiful beaches around the world.

    This sequential and linear approach to education and work and retirement seems to me to the antithesis of life-long learning, life cycles and meeting human needs.

  3. Did you mean to put up a picture of Noeme. How old was she? Also, when the boomers retire, there won’t be any 20 hour work weeks, no matter how much argument there is. We will make the transition back to working to live. This retirement thing is a recent innovation. Many people choose their careers now based on maximizing income and being able to tolerate the work necessary for that high income. If you knew you’d be doing a certain work until you died, you might take a lot of other things into consideration – sustainability might be one of those things. People would look at industries and say, “Is this going to last? And hopefully, “Should this last?”

    • Noeme is 7 years old now. I met her when she and her parents and brother rented the place two doors away from us, and I fell in love with the children. Noeme is this wonderful combination of a tom boy and a very feminine girl, she is an integrated soul. I am counting on the younger generation to change the sequential nature of our working life, we should be screaming out for sabbaticals throughout our working life, for child rearing, and you know what, even taking a year off to ski. And we should probably be working when we are older and need the young around to keep our minds and lives active. This linear life we are forced to live is so unnatural, the false separations between what is male and female, between the young the old. Rita, you raise a critical question, we never ask that fundamental question, is this industry sustainable in the 21st century and should it last. The chemical industry comes to mind, we still introduce worldwide 1000 new chemicals a day?

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