Environmental Communications and New Media

I just learned that we didn’t win our recently submitted SSHRC research proposal on integrating new media into my e-Dialogues work. I was passionate about this proposal as I thought the integration of new media with our on-line work would result in new research dissemination tools and techniques. We don’t have the money nor the human resources of large companies like IBM, thus, we have to be more nimble and creative in our approaches, however, I would like to be more elegant in our platform.

This website is excellent in terms of its analysis of social media inforgraphics. I particularly liked the spectrum of online friendship–passive interest, active interest, sharing, public dialogue, private dialogue, advocacy and investment. My work in real time on-line dialogues is all about public dialogue and my dream (still) is to try and get people to tune into the discussions as you would with the CBC Ideas program. I found it interesting that Twitter is evolving into the most frequently used medium.

I do wonder about the amount of time spent on-line and how connected or disconnected a person feels from their community, and how actively they engage in their community?  And yet, many groups are now using on-line campaigns to great effect, perhaps reconciliation of space is becoming more and more important?

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