Well, today is brilliantly sunny, the last two days and temperature have been wonderful, a mild winter so far. Was thinking about how much fear rules our lives, and what a powerful motivator it is to do nothing, rather than take action. It certainly reduces human ‘agency’, the will or the intent to act. And besides the storm warnings, the red alerts, there is an added twist, all the magazine articles, newspaper discussions about how to live longer, take this vitamin, try this therapy, power exercise, exfoliate, what is wrong with just being. Maybe by trying to live as long as possible, we miss the joy of simply living? And the third variable is how serious everything now seems to be, what about just going for a long walk, something I miss so much, since I broke my leg in September. I never realized how important walking every day with my dog is to my emotional well-being and without, even my thinking. Being outside and moving keeps my heart and my head reconciled.

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