It’s a beautiful sunny Fall day here in Eastern Ontario, and I have spent most of the day on the computer, writing and reading, rather than outside. How do you reconcile the wonders of the computer–the wealth of information, knowledge to be found, connections to be made, with being outside and connected with nature. Are we more connected through space in cyberspace at the cost of being disconnected from place? Are we in more relationships through Facebook, or has the whole meaning of friendship become shallower? And what does it all mean for sustainability?

How did we ever get to believing that grass is good, and lawns are beautiful, over wildflowers? Imagine if everyone in North America just replaced their grass with native wildflower gardens, how much water we would save, how much greenhouse gas emissions would be reduce without lawn mowers, how many more butterflies would come back, humming birds. Let’s start the revolution one flower at a time, one lawn at a time, neighbourhood by community. Below is a picture from my garden.

My garden

My garden

Some thoughts on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Maybe we are missing the revolution by not recognizing the many small steps.

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