Connection to the environment seems important, self-consciousness, all of this matters, involving both the heart and the head. But why, oh why haven’t we been more successful in communicating? I believe that most people care about their environment, they just don’t understand how everything is connected, simple axioms, birds don’t foul in their own nest, nature produces virtually minimal waste. We have the capability now to produce buildings that produce no carbon emissions, why aren’t they everywhere? I found the attached article on Transforming, very interesting, the role that the arts have to play in helping us transform tragedy. Maybe we haven’t been communicating the beauty and magic of it all enough?Felton02

2 responses to “Transformation

  1. Dear Dr. Dale;

    I am interested in the study you did on ASSESSING BARRIERS TO DEPLOYING MICROGENERATION.

    I have been unsuccessful trying to track it down on the web. Could you kindly advise where/if it is available?

    Thank you
    hank you.

  2. Thanks for your interest, and sorry for your trouble. It is on my site as a case study, and may be found at There is also a part 2, Ann

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