Special Places

I have often wondered if there is any connection between the places that young people travel to all over the world and spiritual places. For example, I went to the Mundi Mundi Plains in Australia with a dear friend, Jenny Onyx, and it was so magical, so beautiful, so vast. She told me that some people are frightened by the vastness, the nothingness. Is there a connection between some of these places and former indigenous spiritual places, it would be a fascinating mapping exercise.

Check out the video link on the right about flash mobs, fascinating world we live in, if we can reconcile our technology with the beauty of nature.

2 responses to “Special Places

  1. We live at the beginning of something. Much as the age of exploration opened the world physically and fed the enlightenment with new ideas from outside Europe’s closed societies, our new technologies are opening different maps. The exploration is just as dangerous and just as mind expanding

  2. I wonder if our use of technology is changing our sense of place, and the strength of our connection to physical place?

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